Tax Return Checklist





  • PAYG Payment Summaries from employers, Centrelink and superannuation funds.
  • Any bank interest earned during the tax year.
  • Any dividends received whether paid in cash or reinvested in more shares.
  • Annual tax statement from any managed fund investments.
  • Details of rental income and expenses, including agent statement, interest paid, rates paid and trips to inspect (in kilometers).
  • Details of any distributions received from a family trust or partnership.
  • Any foreign income such as rent, interest or pensions.
  • Any insurance payment for lost income.



  • Details of your car expenses relating to work – number of kilometers travelled or logbook. If using logbook you need your odometer reading at 30 June.
  • Work related travel expenses including parking, tolls, airfares, accommodation, meals, taxis or public transport.
  • Uniform or protective clothing purchases and number of times laundered.
  • Self education expenses for work related TAFE or University studies.
  • Seminars and conference expenses.
  • Home office expenses – number of hours in home office, work percentage of mobile phone, internet, computer etc.
  • Union and professional association membership fees.
  • Interest expense on money borrowed for investment or to purchase work equipment.
  • Donations to deductible gift recipients.
  • Income protection insurance.


Other Items

  • Details of any assets sold during the year – we will need your original purchase documents, sale documents and details of any additional expenses relating to the asset that were not able to be claimed while you owned it.
  • Your health fund statement showing number of days of appropriate cover and amount of government rebate received.
  • Bank details for your refund to go into (if you are getting one).
  • If not coming in with your spouse, you will need their taxable income, reportable fringe benefits, net investment loss and any pension income they received (including exempt pensions)
  • Superannuation contributions on behalf of a spouse earning less than $13,800
  • Number of days you lived in a remote area and details of that area.
  • Medical expenses (if you are eligible).


New Clients:

  • Copy of your driver’s license or other identification document.