ATO Debt Management

Let OTC Tax & Accounting take the stress and worry out of dealing with the ATO.  OTC Tax & Accounting can be engaged to negotiate your tax debt with the ATO.  Contact us to discuss your personal circumstances so we can help achieve an outcome that is manageable. 

Can OTC Tax & Accounting represent me in my discussions with the ATO?

Yes.  Our trained professionals can represent our clients with the ATO to negotiate payment plans or debt remittance.

Is there a standard repayment plan used by the ATO?

No, there is no standardized formula used by the ATO.  Payment plans can be influenced by a number of factors including but not limited to personal ATO history, size of the debt and current financial circumstances.

What happens if I default on my payment plan?

Contact us immediately.  We will need to negotiate a new payment plan with the ATO as there can be severe consequences for defaulting on ATO debt.